Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wet relief

The sea calls I hear it's song Why would it Be very wrong A quiet walk Into the night Slip silent in Without a fight Sink down weighted Beneath the isle Exhale soft Rest a while

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Letters never sent

To My Ex You asked for non-communication, I don't think this counts as if you read it you will be seeking an explanation I've changed. I'm at peace in an incredible way not just relationship wise.. life wise I took an Alpha course that changed my life I'd recommend it if you seek peace I hope you find peace, and happiness

Monday, January 23, 2012

amy and gold

Dear Precious.
this morning when ya woke me up for a hug i was deep in a rem cycle that was pleasant (hug!) you and i were aboard a train, it was roofless, more like a tour buss, but on tracks, we were going from up island to Victoria, and i was pointing out places that were old gold mines, or, things from the past containing richness...
the mine shafts were about 8 feet up from the tracks, on both sides, and the train was going through a blasted out piece of rock, (they carved through a mountain that had a gold mine in it)
we saw two different shafts or digs, you missed the first one and asked me to point out the second...which was almost immediately after the second

Saturday, January 14, 2012

spiders, lots of spiders, there was me at a camp, someone digging holes, a white cat went down the hole, i was kissing a girl and got busted by the camp director, spiders, strawberries, rasberries, about to get kicked out on the last day of camp, amy? locked in a thin little place 4 inches wide, hungry, sad,

Monday, September 5, 2011

rings, cake, swords

so i just woke up from the most crazy beautiful dream i've had in ages, i was on this boat, trying to reach the front, everytime i did something ...twisted the universe ... i would get X more feet and everythign would change, dragons and wizards to ww2 motorbikes and guns, ect ect... few switches, got to the front, this guy came up and stabbed me in the back, imagine a spear, only its gor 3 inches of sharp steel, and a peacock tailfeather, anyhow he stabbed me in the back, through the heart, and left me to die,i picked up the shap thing, slashed my throat so a nearby vampire would turn me. she didn't, but she did heal me...

andrew, laurel, cake, cookie dough, andrew's doing something with a football team, trying to get them to stop raping newguys on the X of every season, he faints, telephone booths can be used to teleport people, there is this pregnant homeless girl with a kid, we help out the kid somehow, keeping the law off his back, helping him get a glass of juice from a nearby building...?

this guy, friendly rival, jumped up next to a building, say 25 feet, slamms this giant sword into the building, then falls, jumps, slamming the handle so it goes higher, does this 5 times till its as high as possible, then challenges me to put my weapon higher, i take off a ring, toss it on the ground, and, pushing it magically, i dance my way up the side of the building, gracefull, serene, unworried, no chance i won't win this contest, i do a backflip off the wall, just to show how easy this is, guide myself flawlessly back ...and then the alarm goes off RAWR~~!! damn you alarm!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

toni and i and mat , toni got flipped through the mirror, her watch was the right way, in the mirror
hot tub, train, me clinging to the outside of the train as it goes...?

Friday, August 26, 2011

mom smoking and showing her boob, bowel difficulty, guy peking in from downstairs
door swinging all the way in, arguing with a girl about chiseling off the top flasher